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Sigma Man On Leaders to Watch List

Bro. Dr. David Inniss, Theta Gamma Sigma chapter in Sacramento, CA. was recently featured on the cover of Comstock Magazine as one of "10 change leaders to watch in 2015".

Here's an excerpt from the article:

David Inniss wanted to be an infantry officer, and he set his sights on West Point. As a native of Barbados, he had to compete with foreign nationals from around the world to gain entry. Each year, approximately 10 are admitted. In 1995, Inniss was one of them.

"I enjoyed the camaraderie inherent in military units," Inniss says. "The selflessness and teamwork were attractive to me. As I got older, the idea of service, leadership and responsibility were values that drove me."

Raised by a single mom, Inniss has a heart for fatherless boys and has vowed to be a positive role model. He coaches youth sports and plans positive community events, including the Capital City Legends Ball, which honors up-and-coming professionals doing exceptional work in the community.

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